ICOR is one of the european market leader and specialist for the development, production and distribution of EPDM & plastic encapsulation, mouldings and rubbers for cars, busses and trucks, clips, and tools for the removal and fitting of automotive glass, glass repair systems for the automotive glass industry.
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Sealing gaskets and mouldings

Sealing gaskets and mouldings are among the essential components of the integrity of a vehicle.

By contacting ICOR in your search for sealing solutions, you make a step towards excellence. Indeed, since its inception, ICOR seeks to develop its technical capabilities and its versatility in the extrusion process:

  • Mono or multi–component EPDM extruded solutions, at variable density, with metal insert wire or anti- elongation nylon,
  • Flexible or rigid extruded plastic solutions (PVC and ABS),
  • Co-extruded solutions.

And in the injection processes:

  • Production of integrally injected parts,
  • Tri-dimensional injection,
  • Production of thickness and ring for windscreen wipers

ICOR takes pride in handcrafting all finishing processes:

  • Cutting
  • Vulcanization of corners
  • Injection of corners
  • Pre-shaping

Finally, note that if one of your references is not found in our catalogue, we are able to develop custom solutions for you based on your technical plans. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and our Research and Development department will be happy to assist you.