ICOR is one of the european market leader and specialist for the development, production and distribution of EPDM & plastic encapsulation, mouldings and rubbers for cars, busses and trucks, clips, and tools for the removal and fitting of automotive glass, glass repair systems for the automotive glass industry.
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Eco-Clean Products

Our Eco Clean range is born from a growing need: that of providing comfort and a good appearance to road users whilst respecting the environment. This range of products is as advantageous as it is versatile: it applies to all types of vehicles, in a simple and environmentally-friendly way.

Our Eco Clean panel covers the following services:

  • Air conditioning purifier,
  • Elimination of odours,
  • And our new feature: the water-repellent product for windscreens.

These products may also be accompanied by a customized marketing support: Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.