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Part Number CGB624P01

CGB624P01 <h2 class="AHS12B" lang="en">ELECTRIC CAULKING GUN&#45;310ML&#43;600ML&#45;TRANSPARENT CYLONDER&#45;LI&#45;ION BATTERY</h2><br /><h2 class="AHS12B" lang="de"></h2><br /><h2 class="AHS12B" lang="fr"></h2><br /><h2 class="AHS12B" lang="es"></h2><br /><h2 class="AHS12B" lang="nl"></h2><br />


Icor introduces a new series battery operated Polyurethane caulking guns.
Based on their technical expertise and practical experience, it is aimed directly at the professional fitter.

First of all the new B-600 series is visually noticeable from the usual caulking guns by the robust, solid construction and the retractable rod. This technique, where the rod is being “rolled up” like a chain, allows free and easy movement in general, but especially in narrow spaces, like under the bonnet/hood. Still the pressure is 250 KG (electronically limited), which allows easy extrusion of high viscosity polyurethane. To protect the motor and the drive from pollution from outside the body of the gun, it is completely enclosed.

A remarkable feature is the unique piston adapter, that allows a quick change in seconds, from cartridges to sausages, and reverse, without the need of a special tool. This patented piston also allows emptying of the Polyurethane package from sausage or cartridge at 100%.

The B-600 is operated by a pocket sized, lightweight Lithium-Ion battery with quick charge mode, that allows a recharge of 80% within 22 minutes. A full battery takes 45 minutes and is sufficient for approximately 50 cartridges or 30 sausages. An LED-indicator always informs about the actual status of your battery, while a red-green blinking indicates an overload. In this situation the electronics of the gun automatically shut down the power and thus protect the motor. After correcting the overload situation the gun is in standby again.

By pressing the return-button for at least 2 seconds the piston is driven all the way back and stops automatically at the starting position. After putting a new tube or cartridge, the gun is immediately operational again. Of course the B600 also has a “non-drip” function, which ensures that the piston is driven slightly backwards when the power button is released. The speed regulator wheel can be easily operated by using the ring or little finger simultaneously with the pointing finger that pushes the power button. This allows an easy adjustment of the speed, handy in corners and under limited space conditions. The residue-level indicator shows clearly how much PU is left or if the barrel is full or empty.

The B-600 gun comes standard with a charger and a 600 ML transparent tube (CGB622P00). Fitters who use only 310ML cartridges or 400ML sausages should choose the gun with the extra short barrel included (CGB624P00).

A handy hook, extra batteries and several transparent and aluminum barrels are available as accessories.

All additional information and actual prices are available from your local ICOR distributor or from ICOR, +32.(0)10239520